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College Football Players perform Sign Language Concert- Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson)

PLEASE CLICK THE DOWN ARROW TO READ LIFE STORY!!! Twitter: BrianGuendling Instagram:BGUENDLING This Video was Recorded By Rob Rowland, Blue Lens Productions. You can contact him here Many have asked me, “What made you come up with this idea of wanting to help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing”? It all started when I met my Dads brothers who are both blind and mentally challenged. They are unable to walk at times, eat, bath, or doing anything by themselves. Now, at ages 55 and 51 they only have the mental capacity of a very young child. My dad always felt fortunate because he was born in between both of them and not only was he born without any handicaps but he also made it to the NFL. While playing college football, which is very time consuming, he would still find time to see and interact with his brothers and also give his time to the Big Brother programs in Evanston which he mentored several young men. My father ended up getting drafted 33rd pick (5th pick of the second round) in the 1984 NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers where he was able to raise his family and often do speaking engagements and fund raisers to help those in need. When my Mom got pregnant with me the doctors told her that there was a good possibility I was going to be just like my dad’s brothers due to test results. I didn’t speak until age 4 and growing up in pre-school all the way to my senior year of high school I was enrolled in the Special Education Program. I would get pulled out of class 3 times a week to work on my grammar as well as my memory with other students. Growing up I was surrounded by the deaf community, hearing community, and special needs community. When I was younger, I would see deaf people sign to each other and I thought it was the most interesting thing I had ever seen. My best friends neighbor I grew up with was also deaf so she would teach me basic signs to communicate with her. I grew so passionate about it I decided to take American Sign Language as my foreign language at the local University 30 minutes from my house. I absolutely fell in love with it and thought it was so awesome to be able to talk to the deaf. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to help coach a mentally challenged AND deaf baseball team and I would donate my Saturdays to them. I am not comparing the special needs to the deaf community, It was a league I coached that they just happened to play together in! I hung out with many deaf kids in San Diego once I learned sign language and I still keep in touch with them today all the way from Texas. Currently I play college football for Texas State University and I have met a wonderful group of deaf people here. I drive an hour away a few days out of the week to hang out with them. I ask them all, “Do you guys want to go out to the bars with me?” and they all respond, “We don't really do concerts! we can't hear the music on stage”. Then I asked other deaf people in Texas and California if they have ever been to a concert. ALL responded “NO”!! But every single one of them replied that they would WANT TO ATTEND A CONCERT! When I told them about my idea of performing sign language during concerts with costumes and fun entertainment they all got so excited, and told me to do it. Remember the deaf are NO DIFFERENT THEN WE ARE. I know this is not the first ASL "concert" as I do want to acknowledge those that work very hard and do a fantastic job at what they do, "The Wild Zappers, Sean Forbes, WaWa, And the San Antonio Deaf Dance Company" All I'm trying to do is help bridge the deaf and hearing community to all enjoy a great time together. I have been around deaf people my whole life and I have a passion and enjoyment for being around them, and have some of my best memories in life with them. I am here to bring the fun of going to clubs and concerts for those that never experienced it before that would like to. I will provide wonderful entertainment for all to enjoy. This will provide a great opportunity to meet new friends, socialize, and dance with other friends across your town/state. I plan on having my next performance in the next few months so I can really work hard on my signing skills and get much faster. My next performance will include several songs that will make you laugh, dance, and put smiles on all your faces. Twitter: @BrianGuendling Instagram: BGUENDLING I have also created a Facebook fan page, ”Brian Guendling", you can add me on there, as I will post updated statuses, concert pictures, as well as location requests. Obviously great things take time in life. I appreciate all the support from all of you and I hope you will follow me on my upcoming dream. Brian Guendling
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