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Ukulele Review ! $200 Range. Luna vs Cordoba UKE

Which Concert Ukulele to Buy? Uke Review $200 Range! Richard from Whitehorse Music reviews 4 Ukulele $200 - $300 Range The 4 Ukuleles are: 1. Luna Tattoo Uke (includes bag) $199 AUD 2. Cordoba Uke Pack $179 Includes: Mahogany top back and sides Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard Natural satin Finish Travel Bag 2 Uke picks Digital Clip on Tuner Chord Chart 3. Luna ‘Martini’ $259 AUD 4. Luna ‘Great Wave’ $229 AUD Which one would you buy? Website Got a Question for Richard? Email: Question for our String Team? Phone: 03 9890 1049 Facebook LIVE via PERISCOPE @whitehorsemusic Twitter @Stringshub
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