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Charice Pempengco - Celine Dion Duet : Because You Loved Me

Charice link to HD version Charice sang a duet with Celine Dion in Madison Square Garden last Sept 15. '08. Charice is a teen singing sensation discovered in YouTube. One of her dreams was to sing with her ultimate idol Celine Dion. This duet is a dream come true to her. She was 16 years old when they did this duet. This has excellent audio as I did my best to get one. This effort is my little contribution to help present Charice at her best, doing what she does best -- SINGING. The crowd response captured in the audio might bother some viewers (sometimes you can't hear Charice & Celine singing because of the loud applauses, roars, etc.) but it shows the major impact Charice made on the audience that magical and historic night. Thank you Celine for being gracious and letting Charice shine that night. Don't forget to watch Celine's very touching introduction for Charice before this duet. You can watch that video in my channel or this link: This video has been rated #10 for the week of Sept 14-21, 2008 by PopTub Ratings Report Please rate the video after watching. Thanks. Charice sang God Bless America in one of the Pre- Inaugural Balls for Pres. Obama. She received standing ovations. Please visit and subscribe to Charice's own YouTube Channel Please do not reupload this video to YouTube. This does not help Charice at all. Also, please do not use the audio from this video to dub other videos of Charice-Celine duet from MSG. News: Charice was supposed to be Michael Jackson's special guest on MJ's comeback tour this July 09. They were supposed to do Billie Jean duet. Charice was MJ's personal choice. Reminder to all who would like to post comment on this video: I will NOT TOLERATE FOUL AND OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE. I will remove the comment and block the user without warning. This applies to both Charice fans & detractors. You can comment and argue without resorting to these foul and offensive language & name calling. Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. I am not expecting everybody to like Charice. I know that there will be detractors. Pls say what's in your mind in a civilized way.
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