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Hi babess :) (please watch in HD) I really hope you guys enjoy this video. Anna and I had a lot of fun at this concert it was the BEST! Ariana Grande is so amazing. I hope you guys enjoy when I vlogg I really hope you enjoyed it! thank you all for staying tuned Please let me know what you guys thought by commenting down below! For business inquires or fan mail email me - and if you want to see more videos/covers please - dm me on instagram @NeriahFisher - or tweet me on twitter @NeriahFBurke REQUESTS FOR TWITTER!! or you can always tell me down below! so COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!! Also what other videos do you guys wanna see??? If you are reading this comment down below what your favorite song is?? Thank you guys again so much for watching, please don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Follow me on other social media Instagram: NeriahFisher Twitter: NeriahFBurke Pinterest:NeriahF I MADE A PUBLIC SNAPCHAT snapchat me :) Neriahsfisher Anna's links instagram: annacappyy Tumblr: iampartmermaid ALSO PLEASE COMMENT DOWN BELOW VIDEO REQUESTS! please comment down below any songs that you would like me to do ALSO I AM DOING USTREAMS ONCE A WEEK FOR NOW :) xoxo Neriah
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