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To Make You Feel My Love ~ Bob Dylan ~ Garth Brooks ~ Adele ~ B.Joel ~ Carl Holsher

I have listened to all of the other wonderful singers, who sang this song and there all so very differant in style and tone. I love them all. Even Dylan's org. is mind blowing (to me) I always dug the man. So,...... I did what's in me. What this song feels to me inside my heart" Hope ya like it my friends ....Thanks for watching..........Carl Make You Feel My Love" is a song written by Bob Dylan that appeared on his 1997 album Time Out of Mind. It has since been covered by numerous performers, and has proved to be a commercial success for recording artists such as Billy Joel, Garth Brooks and Adele. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the 1998 film Hope Floats, In 1997, Billy Joel covered the song as "To Make You Feel My Love" for his compilation album Greatest Hits Volume III. It was released as the first single from the album and reached #50 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Garth Brooks covered the song. Joel's single was the first recording of the song ever to be released. Dylan's recording was released two months later. "To Make You Feel My Love" in 1997 under the title "To Make You Feel My Love." It appeared on the soundtrack of the 1998 film Hope Floats, along with a cover version by Trisha Yearwood as the first and last tracks. It was included first as the bonus track on Fresh Horses for Garth's first Limited Series box set and then included on all later pressings of that album. Brooks' version resulted in a nomination at 41st Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and a nomination for Bob Dylan for Best Country Song. This is my version......Carl
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