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How Long Do You Bleed After Intercourse While Pregnant?

How long do you bleed after intercourse while pregnant? It really matters. The pregnancy tends to generate more discharge, but it doesn't always mean more lubrication. I am worried that sex means that I'm hurting the baby somehow or going to trigger labor. No, it doesn't. Or, rather, it won't. What do you do about the bleeding? Or to prevent it? You might want to use lubricant so that it doesn't rip up. Or try less intense positions. Will the bleeding cause problems? No, not really. Only if it is as bad as having your period. What does that mean? It means that you might be having a miscarriage, though sex won't cause that. Is any bleeding normal? No, not really. You might see some bleeding right after conception, but not normally when having sex while pregnant. Sex is uncomfortable enough when you're pregnant. Bleeding like that makes it worse. You should lay down while things slow down. You can use menstrual pads to absorb the blood. I heard I'll need the pads to absorb the blood after I have the baby, too. Only for a couple of days. Then you just have to worry about leaking from the breasts. And the baby leaking from every orifice. Well, babies don't leak from their noses unless they have a cold. Though you do have to suction their noses from time to time. And I guess they don't leak from their ears very much. That really depends. You do have to make sure you clean them out well. I'm sitting here worrying about a little blood after intercourse, when I'm going to see a lot more of it when I have the baby. And after the baby, you shouldn't see blood, but you'll see pee, poop, snot and a lot of other stuff.
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