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Why Craig Morgan cancels July tour dates

Craig Morgan has canceled 10 concerts scheduled for July to allow time to mourn the death of his 19-year-old son, Jerry. Morgan's next stop will be on August 4 in Astoria, Oregon. The canceled dates include a tour of the Dakotas and Minnesota, one week in the west and two dates in the southeast. Morgan was scheduled to play a mix of festivals and headlining shows. The ticket refund policy varies by location, but for shows Ticketmaster, refunds will automatically if tickets were purchased on the Internet or by phone. More flavor Country Next: More Country Stars who have suffered the tragedy the teenage son of Morgan Greer Jerry died in an accident pipeline in Kentucky Lake, Tennessee on July 10 he and a friend were in the same tube is pulled behind a boat when a wave knocked them out. Greer went under and never resurfaced, and rescuers were not able to recover his body until the next day. It is not clear why the life jacket wearing not cause him to float to the surface. Many of the upcoming shows Morgan were in support of his recently released a whole lot more to me album, which includes singles "I'm going home soon" and "when I'm gone." Morgan has not commented on the media, but Monday morning, her publicist issued this statement from the family:
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