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IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO GIVE IT A THUMBS UP AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF MY VIDEO MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music: ( COPYRIGHT ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any questions?! Ask me some here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LINKS: My Twitter: My Instagram: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING THIS VIDEO * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *CAMERA: NIKON COOLPIX S3000 *VIDEOEDITOR: WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On July 25, 2015, I made a history in my life again but this time is more spectacular and I wasn't expect that I got a gold chance to go there!! long story short, I ask my mom about the concert and she said "CANNOT GO" because I dont have any friends to accompany me to go there!! My mom started to worried because I begging her so much so I can go to the concert!! But, I ended up going there by myself and both of my parents send me there!! I was so relief and extremely happy when they wanted to send me there!! Next after I arrived, I told myself "HOLY SH*T, I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH SINCE MORNING TILL NOW" so I just walk around to the merchandise store and I bought a lanyard and a T-shirt. Then, I wait under a shady tree for good 30 minutes. Later then, I buy a ticket from this girl which is I met from Twitter because she's selling a pair of tickets and it is my last chance for me to buy from her because other sellers sell the ticket for a very expensive price and I literally can't afford it!! I walk around again and there are literally a packed and a crowded of people there!!! Especially, when I about to lined up to enter the stadium!! But everything is WORTH IT. I got to see her singing LIVE.She is literally the most beautiful person I have ever meet in my whole entire life!! Her hair, her makeup, her outfits and her voice is literally AMAZING!! I have already achieved my goals in life this year which is going to a concert!! Word can't describe how happy I am that I got a precious chance to go to her concert!! I felt so on top of the world that day!! xoxo love you Selena!
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