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Ed Sheeran - Photograph - Drum Cover by Kenneth Wong

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Kenneth Wong, 19 years old, from Richmond Hill, Ontario! Find me on Facebook! Follow me! Instagram! Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe! :D Got a song you want to hear? Leave a request in the comments! Drum cover of Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Thanks for watching! I'm partnered with Fullscreen! Want to join? Click here! Drums: TRS Custom Drums 14" x 6.5" Dimension X Snare Drum w/ Evans G1 batter & Evans Hazy 300 side Tama Silverstar Custom 10" x 8" Tom w/ Evans EC2 batter & Tama Powerstroke II Resonant 12" x 9" Tom w/ Evans EC2 batter & Evans G1 Resonant 16" x 14" Floor Tom w/ Evans EC2 batter & Evans EC Resonant 22" x 18" Bass Drum w/ Evans EMAD2 with KICKPORT Cymbals: 14" Sabian AAX Studio Hats 18" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash 22" Sabian AAX OMNI Cymbal 17" Sabian AAX X-treme Chinese 19" Sabian HHX X-treme Crash Gorilla Ears In-Ear Monitors Recording Equipment: Tascam US-1800 Interface 3 CAD TSM411 Supercardioid Dynamic Mics (Snare and Toms) CAD KBM412 Cardioid Dynamic Kick Mic (Bass Drum) 2 CAD ICM417 Cardioid Condenser Mics (Overheads) Recorded and mixed with Adobe Audition
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