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Chris Pelton ... "Back From Vegas Where We Held My Pop's Memorial. People from all stages of his life flew in from all parts of the country to say goodbye together. My Sister, Julie and My Mom, Alexis arranged pretty much the whole thing and while My Pop didn't like any kind of a fuss made over him, I think he was smiling the whole time because...its simply kicked ass. So the day after my Pop left us, My Mom says to me that she'd like the song "Hallelujah" at the memorial. Not 5 minutes after she said that...I get a text from my good pal Jeff, who says that he'd like the honors to sing a song at the memorial...and he suggested.... BAM!!!!...... "Hallelujah." (Freaked me out something fierce) So we knew it was supposed to be. Here's a little bit of it...cell phone recording...but still way bad ass"
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