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How Do You Do That, Ken Mary?! (part 1)

Subscribe to my channel and get free producer tip every week. To see Ken play the trap kit like a beast: "Welcome back my muchachos!! Today we’re going to be talking to a critically acclaimed award winning engineer/producer/drummer, Ken Mary (currently at We will be finding out how he got to where he is, some of his experiences with artists of all flavors, and what advice he give the rest of us. Check out Ken's: credentials at Follow Ken on Facebook: And to contact him or hire him: This video specifically explores the music creation process through the eyes and ears of Ken Mary. We will follow his trail of thought on everything from working how he approaches a new mix, what he thinks makes a great song, artists he's worked with, and where music is going. This is just one of many videos in a series titled "how the hell do you do that?!", providing production hints and tips for budding producers. If you're one of the future's next songwriter or producer in EDM you might want to start subscribing to this channel. My name is Zion, and I'm going to help you learn some valuable production techniques to allow you to spend more time being creative and less time re-inventing wheel. Do you want to learn some new production tips every week? Subscribe, just by clicking here: ... The song in both the video intro and ending is called "Take Me Home", by Miss Krystle. Copyright 2014, written by Miss Krystle and Zion, produced by Zion. Available for purchase here: itunes: ... Miss Krystle's website: The song used behind the interview is written and produced by Zion, and is Copyrighted 2015 If you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments. Also, I might buy you a new baby goat after you subscribe to this channel. ...
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