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Is it Okay to Go to a Concert While Pregnant?

Is it okay to go to a concert while pregnant? As long as you don't go moshing. Why would moshing be dangerous? They could drop you. That's dangerous in and of itself. What about going to a concert in general? Not much risk unless you're afraid you are going to get stampeded to get someone's autograph. There is some risk if they are passing around joints, since the marijuana smoke is bad for both you and the baby. Could the loud music hurt the baby's ears? You'll go deaf from the concert long before the baby's hearing is affected. Though you could hurt his ears by putting earphones on your belly. That's so he can hear classical music. He can hear it relatively well when you sit by the radio or CD player. You don't have to make it sound like a freight train out of the hopes it will develop his brain. And loud music hurts someone's ears. It hurts yours, too. Listening to loud music can accelerate hearing loss, no matter what type of music it is. Then I'll just listen on headphones. Remember that listening to the headphones on high volume is almost as bad as attending a concert. That damage may already be done. If you've listened to so much loud music that it might have damaged your hearing, the first thing to go will be the upper frequency range. Will I still be able to hear the baby cry? You'd have to be deaf to miss that. And the mother's nervous system is hard-wired to hear a baby's whimper, much less a cry. Then it doesn't affect much. If you've lost the upper frequency range, you'll have trouble understanding what the child is saying in a high pitched voice. And, of course, a toddler won't understand what you mean when you say to speak in a lower tone. Except, maybe, to sit on the floor. Or try to do a headstand. But seriously, if you're worried about your hearing, stay home and keep the volume low.
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