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Watsky- Ink Don't Bleed ft. Anderson .Paak [All You Can Do]

iTunes DOWNLOAD: GOOGLE PLAY PREORDER: TOUR DATES: @gwatsky Feat. Anderson .Paak @BreezyLovejoy Produced by Jairus Mozee @JUSTCALLMEJMO Co-produced and engineered by Nils Montan Mixed by Justin Gerrish Mastered by Joe LaPorta for Sterling Sound Director: Jackson Adams Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski Production Designer: Natalie Groce Producer: Bradford Simpson Editor: Jennifer Daniel Bird Illustrations: Jackson Adams Assistant Camera: Ben Molyneux & Danny Garcia Key Grips: Raul Rivera Best Boy Grip: Christopher Wess Grip: Jason Barr Production Assistants: Virginia Camarena, Ari Schutz & Hayden Rusk Camera Provided by Brainbox Cameras Verse 1 Some got hits about the racks that they earn Say there's Benjamins and Jacksons in their pocket to burn But when they shoot the video producers pass around a bucket full of rented jewelry for them to rock and return I know a straightedge rapper who acts like a sheep herder A vegan on the mic who's screaming that meat's murder but when everybody's sleepin, he be creepin slugging back the whiskey, hating himself and sneakin a cheese burger There's a pop idol at the top of the charts and while her record's being cut she's on the beach in St. Barts while a session singer who didn't have the face to make it signs a nondisclosure agreement and belts out her parts It's hard, cause I got bars that are big uppin Woody Allen But maybe he's a predator who's digging in his talons there's a balance and often i don't know how to feel In a fake and tainted world, seek the real Chorus: I can't change the past but a man's gotta man up It's hard to believe. Sometimes I get the best of me I'm doing what I can but I'm a man, not a damn chump You can say it if you need, but I'd rather let the ink bleed Verse 2 We dismiss our heroes' skeletons no matter how grim my fans saying "I'd be honored to be injured by him" well fam, this branch is thin, but i'll go out on a limb to say she didn't love her ulna poking out of her skin being pumped full of morphine and tied to machines they cut off my jeans, I heard her in the ambulance scream she's in school to do tattoos and might've had nerve damage So I could've cost a girl a chance at her dream Meanwhile he pops painkillers, until the dude is numb knew I was a stupidass just not that I'm a ruthless one youth is easily influenced so should you be rooting for me if I touch a thousand lives but on the way I ruin some the rule of thumb is all publicity's your advantage but human lives are not collateral damage bandage the wound and then vanish, blank as the newest of canvases when they zoom in the cameras give em the truth Verse 3 Megachurch leaders sleeping with male hookers mayors hitting crackpipes with their cookers Each week a crooked politician gets caught we're not shocked when they're cheaters, these days we're shocked when they're not are they the person you thought? if they're perfect and hot often we blame the victim, scoffing "they deserved what they got" actors sweep it under the rug and resume with the plot but they're amateurs and we can see the boom in the shot If perception is reality then this could be a shocker I've done my share of fucked up things that didn't get on Gawker lots of tiny indiscretions way beyond the public eye that if you saw would out probably out me as a complicated guy Mike says you gotta separate a person from their art but if the art's about that person you can't pull em apart so you better watch the choices that you makin now because they aren't something that matter, they're the only thing that does BRIDGE everything they've said conflicts with everything I do but I must admit I did it so I guess it might be true
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