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SAVING YOU MONEY: Counterfeit Tickets

In Tonight's Saving You Money report, many of you may be giving the gift of entertainment this Christmas, but if you aren't careful--- you could end up with fake tickets to a ball game or a show. In Nashville, we've seen it all --- from fake CMA and Bonnaroo tickets, counterfeit concert tickets to fake football tickets. The best way to avoid this is to buy directly from the venue or from a reputable website. Julia Vander Ploeg with Ticketmaster Resale says "Unfortunately we see a lot of counterfeit ticketing happening in the market today. It's much easier for a thief to create a knockoff of a ticket. It's almost impossible to tell looking at a counterfeit ticket that it's a counterfeit so that's why it's important for a fan to use the right type of website when purchasing a ticket to know that you're buying a real ticket." is reliable. Ticketmaster exchange also validates the authenticity of tickets being resold by consumers, so you can feel safe using those two sites.
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