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Ryan Andreas Debut Album!!! Order Your Copy Visit our KickStarter - EVERY SINGLE #1 Pledge and up WILL GET THE ALBUM "Hallelujah" performed by Ryan Andreas from Americas Got Talent Season 6 Wanted to share a truly meaningful upload with all the fans that have stuck by us, and all the brand new fans that continue to come in and say hello from around the world everyday. In my uploads - by far the most compelling video to date straight out of my bedroom studio. Acknowledging the fact that we are still here - still believe, and more determined than ever to break through. I am still unsigned, unrepresented, and chasing the industry as an independent artist. Everything you hear and see is done by yours truly, doesn't get more from the ground up than that. This marks my first video share for 2012 and its a song that I hold close to my heart. It is also one of the absolute most requested songs in my personal inbox from you, the amazing YOUTUBERS that make this worthwhile. Please share with anyone you care about - anyone you love, or just plain anyone who likes music. The music spreads, because you guys tell someone. Please help us keep the music alive - its where I belong - An amazing project launch will be announced in the coming week with regards to a DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE. My life's artistic works in music will soon be available to the world. Stay tuned - Stay with us. L, Ryan Andreas (youtube - inkrediboy) Hallelujah - Written by the amazing Leonard Cohen - All rights reserved by the Author - Copyright Cohen (c)
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