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How to sell tickets to your show: A great online tool! - Click To Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan For 2015 Download our FREE Goal Setting Worksheet For Artists + Creative Entrepreneurs: How to sell tickets to your show: A great online tool! Thanks for watching this video on how to sell tickets to your show :) If you found this video helpful, you may also like the 30 video lessons, actionable steps and worksheets in our Social Media Marketing Simplified course. By the end of the course, you will improve your following and your marketing (if you follow the action steps!) You can preview the course here: Feel free to leave your questions and comments below this video. I am happy to help! xxx Jewel Eventbrite is an awesome free online tool for selling tickets and managing ticket sales to your event. Whether you're putting on a musical or acting performance, art viewing, book signing, festival, or any type of event where you're inviting people to see your talent/work, you'll need an efficient way of promoting your event and selling tickets. Our Website: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Email:
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