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Melokia Concert Ukulele Review - Acacia Koa Wood And Superb Quality Uke This is a review of the melokia concert ukulele The first thing you will notice about this uke is how pretty it is, it's a beautiful ukulele. I get compliments on it all the time. It's made out of acacia koa wood, on the front, back , sides, neck and head. It's a very high quality wood to use. The bridge is made out of rosewood, again really high quality component. I've went ahead and added a set of wroth strings, if you can't see some strings so well, it's because they are colored brown. I love these strings, they sound fantastic. I've got a steel-wound C-string, giving a louder better sound. Gives nice volume when playing live or doing a video. Another thing I love about the Melokia Concert ukulele is the way it sounds - A nice, bright, punchy, happy uke sound. I've used this on all my recording projects, youtube videos or when I'm out and about. There's a cheaper mahogany version of this ukulele, which also comes highly recommended. I've had this instrument for over two years and loved it. It has really served me well. One of my favorites to use - And I play guitar too. I couldn,t be happier with this! It's a great ukulele! Read more
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