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Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Cover) | Pixie Labrador

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Spread the love! Click to tweet: Hello, everyone! 💕 Inspired by the official music video of this song, I decided to insert some old photos and videos of my friends and I! :) I've gotten quite a few requests to do a take on this lyrical genius. It's kinda scary that there are people that actually trust me to cover his song and not ruin it, hence I've only posted it now. Genuinely sorry to Ed and to anyone who had high hopes for this one!!! OTL Not gonna lie, it did take me quite a few tries to get it to this. :s EDIT: Very very sorry for the audio distortion! I think it's a sign that I should level-up my software and start using Final Cut instead of iMovie HAHAHA. Please bear with me until I can fix this problem! My audio has been really wonky lately. :C 'Till next time, take care! 👋 THANKS FOR WATCHING! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ P.S. I was thinking of starting a Q&A segment for my channel! What do you think? :)) ❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀ Hit me up? You know you wanna! 📨 📫 Twitter: Tumblr: ❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀
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