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Nothing More - This Is The Time (Ballast)

“This Is The Time (Ballast)” official music video by Nothing More Pre-Order Nothing More’s self-titled album now on iTunes: When did we become these sinking stones? When did we build this broken home? Holding each other like ransom notes Dropping our hearts to grip our brother's throat You can't see because you don't know You're caught below, beneath your own shadow Stuck inside, half alive Do you ever stop to ask yourself why? Close your mind, identify Do you feel, do you feel? Do you call this a life? All you waited for Drowning just to keep score We always start with good intentions But lose ourselves along the way This is the time that we let it go These are the words that will take us home Singing the song that's inside us all If we don't open our eyes we're walking blind Anchored in anger, we exile ourselves Bitter blood builds our prison cell Darker water now fills our lungs The depths of our heart have blacked the sun Naked we come, naked we leave Fools we are, to hold tightly We are the jail, we are the key We are free, we are free This is the time that we let it go This is the pain we are forced to know Singing the song that's inside us all If we just open our eyes Music video by Nothing More performing This Is The Time (Ballast). (C) 2014 Eleven Seven Music
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