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Bill Would Give More Power To Scalpers

By: Grace WhiteFollow Grace on Twitter @Grace__White on FacebookScalping tickets, it's how some people score up-close seats for less to big name events.Now, there's a proposed bill in the Texas Senate that would give more power and rights to scalpers.I have a family member who does it... I'm trying to get Taylor Swift tickets, so he's trying to help me with that, said Lindsey Saenz, a woman who says she is looking for tickets.They save people a lot of money and they are buying the tickets themselves, so it's a side business I don't really have any problem with it at all, said Colton Cuny, who supports the scalping industry.Scalping is an older term... we like to call ourselves brokers, said Jerome Cohen, who runs Best Tickets.We're a resale agency specializing in buying and selling on the secondary markets, said Cohen.The bill would put more restrictions on the people who issue tickets. It says you can't stop people from selling them and you can't penalize them.What it will do is give more transparency to the market, which isn't a bad thing. Transparency meaning who is getting the tickets, where the tickets are sold, said Cohen.Senate Bill 1558 would also keep ticket issuers from printing resale restrictions on the tickets.It would keep issuers from putting a minimum or maximum price on the resale value and venues would be prevented from asking for the original purchasers ID before a ticket holder is allowed to enter.Customers say that could all create more competition and better prices.I feel like it would probably be something that would be delved into more as a business and not looked down on like it is now, said Cuny.Cohen says this bill would level the playing field.Why should the broker be treated differently than a regular fan, said Cohen.Bill 1558 is being sponsored by state Senator Larry Taylor, a Republican from the Houston area.Right now, the bill is in committee and it would have to pass that before it comes up for a vote.If it passes, it would take effect September 1st.
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