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Surprise Proposal at Bruno Mars Concert - w/ on mic Congratulations

PLEASE SEND US YOUR FOOTAGE IF YOU WERE AT THE CONCERT AND HAVE THIS SONG ON VIDEO! CHEERS! Around 10pm EST on Sunday, July 27, 2014, I dared a mid-concert engagement proposal that my girlfriend accepted! Half-way into Bruno Mars' performance of "Marry You" in front of a sold out crowd of approximately 19,800 at the Air Canada Centre in downtown Toronto, attention was temporarily stolen from the main stage to several seats in the front row of the Floor section. There, I took her hands, pulled her away (or at least a good attempt was made) from the distraction of the Pompadour and his crooning troupe, dropped down on bended knee, looked deeply into her eyes, thanked God, and expressed my unending Love and desire to make her happy for the rest of her life. It appeared as though the rotation of the earth slowed as a little box opened in my hands to reveal a sparkling symbol of Forever and The Question was posed. Amid thousands of flashing lights, the whir of cameras zooming, thundering pyrotechnics and throngs of screaming people closing in, a sigh of relief rippled from the epicentre at the moment that a positive response was registered. This was followed by much hugging, high-fiving and hand-shaking.
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