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Pearl Jam at Fenway 08-05-2016 Full Concert Multicam SBD

Setlist: 1:00 - Release 6:10 - Long Road - Small Town - Low Light - All Those Yesterdays - Given to Fly - Mind Your Manners - Why Go - Daughter - Even Flow - Faithfull - Grievance - I Am Mine - Down - Black - Do the Evolution - Masters of War - I Am A Patriot - Porch - Strangest Tribe - Society - Just Breathe - Sleeping by Myself - Wasted Reprise - Life Wasted - State of Love and Trust - Comfortably Numb - Corduroy - Draw the Line - Alive - I've Got a Feeling - Baba O'RIley Pearl Jam Live at Fenway Park in Boston August 5 2016. Night 1 of 2. Here's a full DVD that I've made to commemorate this amazing first for PJ. I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced these shows live, but hopefully this can kind of do a justice to the atmosphere. Thanks to all the tapers on youtube for making this possible! Special shout out to MFC172 for the awesome screen videos from the house of blues 10C party and also the Periscopers. Enjoy!
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