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How to Relieve Back Pain While Pregnant

Do you know how to relieve back pain while pregnant? My back has been killing me. Theoretically, labor will cure that. Well, after a whole lot more pain. Trading one pain for another isn't the solution I'm after. You could sleep on your side instead of your back. That will lower the pressure on your back. I've tried everything, even pregnancy pillows. Those should help you sleep on your side without your belly putting disproportionate stress on your back. How do I ease the back pain once it has started? Hot and cold packs can improve it. Alternating them may provide relief, or one or the other would be enough. I'd prefer to take pain relievers, but the doctor says I shouldn't take them. The stress caused by pain isn't good for you. If it is really bad, you can take a low dose acetaminophen. I wish there was an easier solution. A long hot bath could help. A soak in a hot Jacuzzi is better. That does sound nice. You could lower the back pain by ditching your high heels and sitting with proper posture. Hard to do if you need to put your feet up. You could get a back massage. That can ease the pain. It's also costly. Some sessions are a dollar a minute. You should seek medical attention if it is really bad, but you should stay away from chiropractors. They have all types of advice. A lot of their homeopathic remedies aren't really safe during pregnancy. And cracking your back is the last thing you should have done right now. I'm not planning on it. What's your opinion of acupuncture? It helps some people. It sounds like I won't have a good fix until I get the epidural.
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