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Billy Joel & Elton John opening at Nationals Park

Opening of the Billy Joel & Elton John Face 2 Face concert at Nationals Park in Washington on 11 July 2009. During "Don't let the sun go down on me" Elton's piano pedal was getting stuck and he was visibly pissed off and stormed off (0:35) "We're going to stop the show.") Billy was unfazed and hilarious, kept playing random tunes on his piano (Glory Glory Hallelujah, Yankee Doodle..."I know them all"), jumped under Elton's piano () and helped the dude working on it. Ultimately, they switched sets and Billy went first while they fixed Elton's piano properly. Billy: "Hey, at least you know we are not on tape. ... This is an authentic rock-n-roll f*** up. You don't see many of these any more."
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