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Hay Day mystery box trick?

*UPDATE* Folks, this trick does not work anymore - the game publisher has since patched the game. For those of us who played this game since the early days, this used to work. ============================================================ Hi folks! Please excuse the background noise, I taped this while at the airport. Anyway, I've been playing the Hay Day game for a while now and noticed something weird with the mystery boxes sometimes. There are a few friends' farms that I can repeatedly visit and each time I visit the mystery box shows up. Now that's not the weird thing, the weird thing is, sometimes the game get into a state that the mystery boxes will all open and return items...and sometimes diamonds too! I'm sorry but I don't know how to recreate this but I can tell you that I visit a couple of friends' farm over any over, if you start receiving unlocked mystery boxes then just keep on re-visiting these friends' farms. If you do not get all unlocked mystery boxes, wait a couple of hours and try again. When you do get the unlocked boxes, don't go back to your own farm just yet, wait a bit and let the game update to the server to save your items/coins. If anyone know of a way to consistently reproduce this, please drop a note. Oh, sometimes the game crashes, hopefully if you restart you can continue getting unlocked boxes. UPDATE: please check out my follow up video here:
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