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Top 10 Most Disturbing (Scariest) Courage The Cowardly Dog Episodes

If you want to follow my updates: My Facebook page: My Twitter page:!/2000swatcher Trying my hand at reviewing a show, be nice :p This list goes down the list of my personal picks for the most disturbing and scariest episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Its Created by John Dilworth and owned by Cartoon Network. Subscribe for More! I would like to add that this is a list of MY thoughts, not a list representing other people, which is a waste of time to make such a video anyway. Edit: My thoughts on other Episodes that are mentioned: House of Discontent: Really, not as big as everyone says. It was creepy and all, but it lacked the chills I got from the other episodes on this list. Also, I couldn't find any good clips of it, but yeah, would've been like a runner up. Human Habitrail: It's Doc Gerbil's world? Now, that's just silly. Its a spooky concept of human experimentation by animals, but for some reason, this episode's coloring is a lot more welcoming than basically all episodes on this list. Plus, if its just themes, The Mask is much much worse. Queen of the Black Puddle: Maybe this episode has grown on me, but this is still pretty up there. It has the imagery all right. Probably up there with House of Discontent. A Night At Katz Motel: Spiders Never quite got to me. Though Katz is a psycho-serial killer played straight, he always felt too much like a Bond villain for me. Very fun character, but not really scary. Shadow of Courage: The infamous "Shadow Muriel rips her own head off" thing. It's done very creepy, and is probably up there with Queen of the Black Puddle, since its one of the more disturbing scenes, but I felt it lacked the nightmare fuel power of some of the choices on my list. EDIT 2 (SPOILER FOR LIST): He's not number 1, sorry everyone. I have several reasons for my number one, many of which covered in the followup.
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