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Hunter Hayes - We're Not Invisible Tour - Roanoke, VA 4/18/14

Words can't describe how incredible that day was. Between getting to meet Hunter, and Dan + Shay later, and having a front and center seat, I can safely say I can die happy now. It was a wicked show, and I'm so glad I got the chance to go. I went alone, and felt like a loser. What kind of person goes to a concert alone? But I was a loser who got to meet one of the nicest people on the planet, and felt special for just a little while. Despite knowing I was going alone, I wasn't gonna let that stop me from doing something that meant a lot to me. And it definitely paid off. I wish Hunter knew how much "Invisible" and this tour means to me. I really hope I get the chance to see, and maybe meet him again. You know you love the random '80's throwback from Dan + Shay. ;-) hahah. I wanted to include a guy in the audience dancing and who had a dance off, but just didn't work it in. Ah well. And I started recording after he introduced Steven, otherwise he'd be in there too. :) Yeah, I did manage to get a clip from Coffee House. Big, bad rebel me. And yes, I did get caught. Nitro is always watching. hahah Note to self, don't do that again.
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