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Watch the full course on Buy the best DSLR Camera accessories from Amazon Declaimer: All copyrights for this video are reserved to Ken Schultz We do not sell or give away for free any of the tutorials or after effects template on our YouTube channel. All copyrights are reserved to the original authors of the tutorials and After Effects template There is no direct download links in this Channel.All the links refer to official websites. This Channel only indexes the products and links. The products information and the links are only used to promote and spread them. Our Channel makes the products seen by more customers. Everyday there are hundreds of new buyers reaching to the official pages through our channel. If you do not want your products to be listed in our Channel , or want to delete them, please let us know. We will take them down right away. Key elements to creating artistic Night Photographs. There are some key elements to getting great Night Photos -- the most important being long Shutter Speeds. In this video you will learn: •Why Long Shutter Speeds make great Night Photos •What ISO settings you should use - Hint: Not high! •Using Small Apertures for large DOF •Why Manual Exposure is better •Autofocus can have trouble at night •Creative use of White Balance in night photos •How to photograph Fireworks For Night Photos the most important accessory is a Tripod -- because of the long Shutter Speeds. A remote is optional. My recommendations for accessories are: •Tripod -- I recommend Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod Legs or Manfrotto 458B Neotec Pro with Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick Head (the model tripod I used is an older model). This is a professional quality Tripod and some of you may want not to spend this much initially. The next best option would be a Slik Professional Tripod with A.M.T. Alloy Legs PRO 500DX or slightly smaller Slik Compact Alloy Travel Tripod with 3-Way Pan Head 340DX. •Remote Timer -- GSI Super Quality Multi-Function Timer for Nikon or Satechi TR-B Timer Remote Control Shutter for Nikon or Satechi TR-C Timer for Canon 60D or Satechi TR-A Timer for other Canons (please check to see if your camera is supported) -- If you do buy a remote I recommend these because they can be used for Time lapse sequences as well (see Time Lapse video later). Go beyond the basics into more Creative Photography and Videography with your DSLR camera. This Digital Photography Course takes the Basics you learned in "EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course for Beginners" and explores more Creative Scenarios, including: Better Portraits, Night Photos, Nature (including Sunsets), Macro Photos, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging, and Time Lapse (those cool videos where 12 hours happens over a few seconds). It also has Chapters on Image Editing and DSLR Video. This Advanced Course is actually 3 Courses in One: ● CHAPTER 2 Let's get Creative that has all the Creative Topics mentioned above, ● CHAPTER 3: Image Editing including "Image Formats", "Basic Editing" (Part 1 and 2) and "Advanced Editing" (Part 1 and 2) ● CHAPTER 4: DSLR Video including "Video Introduction" and "Video Basics" (Part 1 and 2). You may have heard of some of the Topics covered in these online photography classes but thought they were too complicated to try. But with the solid basics you learned in the Beginners course you can explore these areas easily. This Advanced photography course refers back to some of the concepts covered in the Beginners course to refresh your memory and reinforce the ideas. This approach makes it easy to understand and to remember. Recent Member Comment: "Loving this teaching Ken! I'm so appreciative that you took the initiative to pioneer this method of teaching. It's safe to say I'm addicted for want of a better word. I'm soaking in all this wisdom and knowledge." Andy UK These are some of the exciting things you will Discover: ● Key Elements to getting Better Portraits ● The MOST important setting in Night Photos and How to use it. ● The Tools and Tricks to get Great Nature Photos ● An Effective and Affordable Macro Photo solution ● How to get Predictable lighting in Macro Photos ● The MOST important setting in Macro Photos ● What is HDRI and the amazing results you can get ● How to take and process Images for HDRI ● How to set up a Time Lapse sequence ● Key Settings and Equipment for Time Lapse sequences ● Tips for Processing your Time Lapse sequences into Video ● Explanation of Image Formats ● Key ways that you can improve your Photos on the computer ● Basic Image Editing using Photoshop and free software ● Levels and Curves explained ● Benefits of DSLR HD Video ● The Best Settings for DSLR HD Video ● Essential items for 'filming' in Bright Daylight
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