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Ariana Grande - Concert at Jason Robert Brown: Catalina Bar (Live)(2016)

Music by Ariana Grande performing on Catalina Bar for JRB in Los Angeles, California (Live Performances). Los Angeles 2016 © Butera Music YouTube page: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @butera_music Twitter: @Butera_music / - Butera Music Subscribe! - buteramusic groups In a concert at Hollywood’s Catalina Bar and Grill on January 4, JRB was joined by surprise guest Ariana Grande. Grande, the winner of Best New Artist at the American Music Awards, performed three songs with JRB’s band (Jason Robert Brown, piano; Jamie Eblen, drums; Randy Landau, bass; and Andrew Synowiec, guitar) and headliner Shoshana Bean, including two from the musical in which she made her Broadway debut, “13”. This was one of the rare performances of Ariana have done after the end of hes " Honeymoon Tour". More coming ~~ Butera Music
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