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Kala Ka S Soprano Ukulele Review Hi It's Steve Sellers for today we are reviewing the Kala Ka S - the S means soprano. It's a mahogany uke, This is a mahogany uke that's budget priced really but has a great sound and it'll take you anywhere you want to go on the ukulele It has a beautiful white binding that gives a classy appearance. The thing that people really really like about Kala KA-S is the sound, the sound is terrific, it is right around $70.00 and listen to the sound this uke makes, you're gonna love it Really nice bright sound from the Kala. Look, its got geared tuners makes it really easy to tune your uke, It comes with Aquila strings which some people really really love and some people say they are the best strings that you can get for your ukulele There is the Kala KC which is concert sized and then a little bit bigger, little more money is the Kala Ka-T which is a tenor sized, same basic ukulele, three different sizes and 3 prices, the soprano is around $70.00 So try it out, we recommend the Kala KA-S mahogany soprano ukulele. Click the links below for more reviews at
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