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Kala Archtop Jazz Uke - a review

A review of my new Kala Archtop Tenor. This is the ukulele I won in Deach's mmmmmBop Contest. In the last part of this video I am improvising on "Heart and Soul" by Hoagy Carmichael. One take and unrehearsed, so please excuse the duff notes. This tune was written in 1938. I am using a backing track published by Hal Leonard. I have used Audacity to move the backing track up from the key of F major to G major. The reason for doing this is that I would prefer to play it in the key of G on the ukulele. I have plugged the jack cable straight into the computer and added a little reverb. Sorry about having to fade out. The video was too long with the complete piece at the end. Enjoy.
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