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Valerie Harper: Cancer Can't Kill Happiness Valerie Harper was in a great mood over the weekend, looking great and laughing it up as she talked to Savannah Guthrie about her terminal illness.Harper was on "Today" ... discussing her brain cancer prognosis and the prospect that she may only... Sharon Stone Sued: Maid Claims She Called Me Crazy, Then Fired Me! Sharon Stone has no sympathy for the injured ... at least according to her former maid who claims Sharon treated her brutally after the cleaning lady injured her back.Angelica Castillo just filed a lawsuit, claiming she injured her back while... Shauna Sand to Lorenzo Lamas -- I Put a Price on Your Life ... Now Pay Up Turns out familiarity isn't the only thing that breeds contempt ... so does not paying child support, because Shauna Sand wants Lorenzo Lamas cited for contempt of court for allegedly falling WAY behind, and also failing to maintain a... Colin Kaepernick --The Perks of Losing the Super Bowl ... San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick may not have a Super Bowl ring, but he still managed to get one perk ... court side seats at the Clippers game on Sunday.The 25-year-old brought a long a few of his burly pals to watch the Clippers destroy the... Justin Bieber Cancelled Concert Because of Empty Seats Justin Bieber cancelled his Portugal concert Tuesday -- not because he's sick, not because he's melting down -- but because ticket sales were "soft"..Sourcesâ?¦ Lil Twist -- Riding Around in a Lesser Biebermobile Justin Bieber can't trust Lil Twist with one of his REALLY, REALLY expensive cars anymore, after Twist crashed his Fisker Karma on Tuesday so Twist has been reduced to driving around in only one of Justin's REALLY expensive cars, a Range Rover. Cameron, Drew And Reese Take A Soak Together It was a bathing suit besties battle as Cameron Diaz and new moms Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon soaked their movie star bones while on vacation together in Mexico on Thursday.Question is .. Brooke Mueller -- On the War Path Over Naked Pics Sources close to Charlie Sheen's ex-wife tell TMZ, she's FURIOUS someone is attempting to sell her intimate photos to theâ?¦
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