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Family Guy - Into Harmony's Way All Songs (Lyrics)

Quagmire asks to stay at the Griffin home after he makes eye contact with a transvestite. While hanging out with Peter, a bee accidentally makes them discover that they can share a tone in harmony. After sitting down to write some songs, they go to Mort's pharmacy to get some paper and after Mort tells about his past career in music, becomes their manager and invites them to sing at the library during open mic. During their performance, they clear the library and despair that they are not a success until Mort reveals that he put their show on Jewtube and they get an invitation to perform at a music festival. Their performance is a hit and they get an offer for a new manager, dumping Mort and going on tour over Lois' objections. Their life on the road begins to affect Peter, causng him to arbitrarily make decisions for the two of them and causes life to become stressful for Quagmire. During a performance on Conan, Quagmire finally has enough and walks out. Peter is forced to return to the family and beg forgiveness by singing. Quagmire shows up and asks for forgiveness as well. Peter then goes on the bus and shoots himself.
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