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"Seven Bridges Road"...By The Eagles

Easy Rock Written By Steve Young ..OMG! .Over 6Million Views!! You Guys are Awesome:)) Thank you All YT Watchers For All The Wonderful Comments. You Guys are Awesome...And An Eagles Video Too Boot! Awesome........Truly..Thank you 4All the comments!! Album= The Very Best Of Hope You Enjoy this one Lots 'O Good Harmony Thank you All For The Wonderful Comments And Views!! Words: There are stars In the southern sky Southward as you go There is moonlight And moss in the trees Down the seven bridges road Now I have loved you like a baby Like some lonesome child And I have loved you in a tame way And I have loved you wild Sometimes there's a part of me Has to turn form here and go Running like a child from these warm stars Down the seven bridges road There are stars in the southern sky And if ever you decide You should go There is a taste of time sweetened honey Down the seven bridges road
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