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Bobby Roberts Circus & Anne the Elephant Re-homed - The One Show - Part 2 (15th April 2011)

[Update: 23 November 2012. Bobby Roberts convicted of animal cruelty... 19 November 2012: The criminal case for animal cruelty against Bobby and Moira Roberts begins... ] The One Show continues to spectacularly miss the point as it revisits the story of Anne the Elephant. After over half a century in chains, being whipped into performing tricks for the public's amusement, Anne the Elephant has finally escaped from the clutches of Bobby Roberts Super (sic) Circus. Undercover footage of Anne, the oldest elephant in Europe and who suffers from arthritis, being repeatedly beaten and attacked with various implements at the hands of Bobby Roberts staff finally provoked public outrage at her abuse. Negative media coverage and regular demonstrations outside the circus forced the Roberts to agree to re-home Anne at Longleat Safari Park. As the only elephant in a sparse enclosure, and with an endless stream of cars driving past her, it is far from the ideal solution. However, the lack of chains, the freedom to roam, the specialist medical care and the lack of beatings mean it is still infinitely better than the situation she has had to endure up until now. How does the One Show celebrate this latest development? With this mindlessly upbeat, but ultimately shameful segment. Where anyone with a modicum of humanity might think the kicking, the beatings, the stabbing with pitchforks would count as assault or abuse, or terrible animal cruelty, the One Show describe it as simple neglect. Are the Roberts family held in any way responsible for Anne's decades of suffering? No, instead the One Show arrange a day out for them at the Safari Park, and another fawning and uncritical interview. Given that later in the same show two of the presenters express the opinion that food is only worth eating if an animal has died, then it perhaps isn't so surprising that this whitewash is how Anne's story is reported. See the One Show's original coverage from two weeks ago...
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