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How to Shoot Good iPhone Video

Watch a NEWLY updated version of this here featuring the iPhone 6s :) In this original episode we cover the basics of shooting good video on an iPhone 4 and 4S and we throw in a few tips that more advanced users might appreciate too. Keep in mind that the technology has changed since this was released, BUT the general practices and advice here have NOT (like using manual controls and shooting in landscape mode, etc.). So it's still a good video to watch and learn from! If you'd like to see the iPhone 4S in action watch one of our CES episodes. The CES segments were shot entirely on the 4S using an OLWE Bubo camera rig and the FiLMic Pro camera app. Here's a link to the first show . For more info on the apps and gear in this video and other iPhone & iPad video and filmmaking please visit .
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