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How to Save Money on NFL Tickets

Want to get inexpensive discount NFL football tickets to your favorite games? Hey babe, what are you up to? Thinking of ways to raise some money. What do you need money for babe? You know I'll help you out with whatever you need. I doubt you will help me buy tickets to go see my Green Bay Packers beat your weak little Cowboys in December. Okay, first of all, I don't have that much money, and second, I'm pretty sure that the Packers are going to be the ones that will be crying on the plane ride home. Yeah, crying because they are laughing so hard at the feebleness of the Cowboys. Seriously... you turn everything around. Whatever, you know your team will lose that game, just help me figure out how to get us there. Well, they are always playing commercials during the games for Maybe we can try there. I checked earlier actually. They are still pretty pricey. Well, what about the NFL ticket exchange? I heard they can be more reasonable... Checked there too... Did you have any other ideas? Well, I thought that I would check on eBay, because they usually have everything cheaper but when I checked on there, people are bidding outrageously. I think those are all great places to look though. Of course they are, because I thought of them. I'm just thinking that maybe we should look at them closer to the game. Then ticketholders will be desperate to get rid of the tickets they couldn't sell and can't use. That's good thinking babe! Of course it is. I'm the smart one remember? Oh yeah? What makes you so smart? Anyone can tell that based on our favorite teams. How? My team wins. Simple as that. Yeah? We'll see about that smarty pants.
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