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Photograph - Ed Sheeran (Cover By Dominik Klein)

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SNAPCHAT: dominikklein INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: YOUNOW: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: KEEK: MUSICALLY: dominikklein ► Cool Apps i teamed up with! If you click on one of these link you have to type in your phone number so you get a link to download this app for free. Your number will only be used to send you the link. ✘Clash of Kings - ✘Mobile Strike - ✘Game Of War - ✘Empire: Four Kingdoms - ✘Trivago - ► Stuff i wear ✘shoes - Links which are marked with ''✗’’ are affiliate links. That means i get a commission if you buy something over this link. Of course you don´t have to pay more money. It´s up to you where you get your products from. Thanks for your support! :) What´s up guys! I´m back with a new cover and it´s "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran. Wanted to do this song for so long so here it is! Would appreciate your opinion in the comments below. Thanks for watching! Love ya
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