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KISS acoustic in Japan -- New Chastain -- Rush live DVD clip -- Sonata Arctica new bassist -- COB

KISS acoustic jam in Japan -- New Chastain album Surrender To No One -- Rush live DVD clip The Garden from Clockwork Angels Tour -- Sonata Arctica new bassist -- CHILDREN OF BODOM Alexi interview! CHASTAIN will release their new album, "Surrender To No One" on November 19 through Leviathan Records. Album art here: Tracklist: 01. Stand And Fight 02. Call Of The Wild 03. Deep Down In The Darkness 04. Freedom Within 05. I Am Sin 06. Rise Up 07. Evil Awaits Us 08. Fear My Wrath 09. Save Me Tonight 10. Surrender To No One 11. Bleed Through Me Rush have released a clip from their live DVD/Blu-Ray Clockwork Angels Tour, which will be out through Anthem/Roadrunner Records on November 19th. Check out the performance clip of the song "The Garden" below: The Garden live: Album/DVD cover art: Keith Leroux from posted live video of KISS performing 'Love Her All I Can' at their Meet & Greet acoustic show in Chiba, Japan on October 19th: Love Her All I Can -- live -- acoustic: CHILDREN OF BODOM Alexi had an interview with EMP and talked about the band's latest album, Halo Of Blood: Interview below: Tour trailer: SONATA ARCTICA's bass player Marko Paasikoski left the band due to personal reasons in August. Pasi Kauppinen (SILENT VOICES, ex-REQUIEM, WINTERBORN) has now replaced Marko. Sonata Arctica also recently released a video clip of the track 'Alone In Heaven', off their last album, Stones Grow Her Name. Alone in Heaven video clip: Sources: Blabbermouth, Metalstorm, Braveowrds
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