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Which Ukuleles Do I Buy OR NOT buy for my classroom?!?

In this video I will show you my favorite (and not so favorite) ukuleles for teaching in the classroom! Cordoba Ukulele $99 on Amazon Cordoba Ukulele Bundle $119 on Amazon Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele $60 Oscar Schmidt Bundle $90 on Amazon Kaka Ukuleles $70-$90 on Amazon Soprano, Concert, Tenor ********** Do you teach ukulele? Here is a 120-page Ukulele Chord Resource Book I made. It has the note names of the chord triad on each string and the finger placement numbers. ********** Konnichiwa from Okinawa! I am making this video because I see so many music teachers on the facebook Music Teachers page ask for guidance on which ukuleles to buy. I, too, seek this guidance and have a hard time finding some tested results. I was there too! After spending HOURS reading reviews, I ordered a few ukuleles. As my program grew, I ordered more ukuleles from different brands and they have been pretty good to my students and I so far. Keep in mind that I teach 320 students and 300 of them play the ukuleles Monday - Friday, so my ukuleles go through many little hands and have to stand the test of time. ********** These are the two ukuleles I will be avoiding in the future: -Ala Moana -Mahalo Maybe these ukuleles would make great first-time ukuleles or beginner ukuleles, but they aren't the best fit for my music program. The tuning is inconsistent and the note produced varies GREATLY when the students apply more pressure on the string. ********************************** Ukuleles I would purchase again: Oscar Schmidt - (I clearly can't pronounce this correctly in the video, please excuse me. English is my second language!). We have had these ukuleles for two years and the hold their tune well, the tuning pegs are firm but easy to turn, the wood/finish has held pretty well considering our 80%+ humidity in Okinawa, and the size of the concert ukulele is a good fit for all my students (grades 2-5). ~$60 Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Amazon Link ~$90 Oscar Schmidt Bundle Package Amazon Link Kaka - this is a more aesthetically pleasing ukulele. The ones I have in the this video look a little bit more orange in person, which I personally love. I forgot to mention, these bad boys came with a strap! The kids look like little rock stars when they wear the straps. They also came with a case, a pick, and a set of aquila strings Kaka Concert Ukulele Amazon Link: Kaka Tenor Ukulele Amazon Link: Cordoba - this is my baby. I have had this ukulele for 10 years now (I had to think back to my college days). Cordoba Concert Ukulele Amazon Link: ********************************** Background music: Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Source: Artist:
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