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i'll never let you down.

2 years, 5 collabs and one friendship... I have no idea what I should say about Mai.... she knows how much I love her, we just had a discussion about who loves the other more^^ AND I STILL LOVE YOU MORE, GRH. I still remember one of the first times we talked, I'm not sure if it was the first time, but I remember how I was having problems with a girl from my class and she had a yt acc and I was afraid that she would find out about my channel and I was really careful when I was talking to new people.... I told Mai about that and what did she do? She was like 'MUHAHA AND I'M THAT GIRL' lol that's why I love her, she always makes me smile :) AND I LOVE HOW SHE ALWAYS COMES UP WITH AMAZING SONGS FOR OUR COLLAB! Grade 8, Give me love, own this club and I think Situation Dirty was als her idea^^ And I'm so happy that I might get the chance to meet her in April. My birthday wish is a trip to Hamburg and my parents would go with me (my dad even said that I could go alone if I was allowed to^^ but I'm too young.) but I have to sell my concert tickets for Justin's concert in Frankfurt first.... Oh and guys: xglitterqueen = Mailin = Mai , TheBineokeley97 = Maike = May. So many people get that wrong^^ I know it's confusing ;) DON'T YOU DARE TO FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE MY GIRL! I mean, look at her part... she improved so much! She was always a good editor, but if you compare THIS to her cannibal video (it's on her old channel, )... wow, mmh? I love her style, no one can edit like her, she's unique ♥ AND GOD I'M GONNA STOP. Mai, ich lieb dich einfach. Wir zwei sind jetzt wirklich seit 2 Jahren, über 700 Tage immerhin, unzertrennlich und in dieser ganz Zeit hatten wir nicht auch nur einmal irgendwie Streit, was schon alles sagt, ne? Ich vermiss dich wenn wir mal ein paar Tage nicht schreiben und wenn ich daran denke wie ich vor nem jahr oder so ne Pause gemacht und mich vollgespamt hast wie sehr du mich vermisst, weiß ich, dass es dir genauso geht ;) Du hast mich auf THG gebracht, allein dafür werd ich dich immer lieben (Peeta *_*)! Abre ich hör jetzt echt auf.... ich hab den Collab jetzt die ganze Zeit auf privat um was zu schreiben und das langt jetzt echt... Drück Mylo von mir zur Feier des Tages :* credits (my part): coloring: mine (new one) song: by Ed Sheeran inspiration: the style I used was kinda inspired by Therebeldesigns font: something wih cen.... century schoolbook? not sure...
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