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So i got these free tickets in the mail for a program hosted by Daymond John, the creator of FUBU. He is a very revered entrepreneur and a great role model. I was excited to go but it didn't turn out how I thought it would, watch the video to see what I mean.... Key points: -Daymond John was not there -It was a two hour seminar, 90% of which was a sales pitch -They claimed the free seminar would help you get your business off the ground (especially if you didn't have the capital to fund it), yet they were asking for $997 for the REAL seminar -It is a week before Christmas, what struggling business owner has a thousand bucks to blow on a seminar RIGHT before Christmas? -The guy was INCREDIBLY ADAMANT to get people to sign up. He LITERALLY told people to "stand up now and go sign up" 5x or more -Go if you want, but don't expect to learn anything groundbreaking. Don't expect to see Daymond John. Don't expect to not be AGGRESSIVELY SOLD on their seminar. Good luck to all of you. I hope this video helped someone. -EJ
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