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1990 Ian Gillan tour Denny Blake Guitar Player for Helix

When we finished recording BACK FOR ANOTHER TASTE in 1989 at River Studios in Fort Erie, Ontario, we then had to take it on tour. Longtime Helix guitarist Brent Doerner, who had been in the band since 1976 had left the band just after Wild in the Streets touring ended, and his shoes were big ones left to fill...Enter Denny Blake, the first and only American member of the band. We had met Denny when we toured with his band MANIACS a few years before through the eastern U.S. He turned out to be a great addition to the band with his keen sense of humor and his superior playing abilities. Eventually the touring for Back for Another Taste ended and Denny returned to the U.S., where he joined a broadway musical featuring Billy Joel songs.
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