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Technical difficulties at the Elton John/Billy Joel concert - Washington, DC 7/11/09

This was during the third song of the evening. After one of Elton's piano pedals gets stuck, he stopped playing and walked off stage 35 seconds into "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me". He came back on stage a minute later and sat at the piano while his piano tech rushed to fix front of 40,000 people! At one point, Elton looked into the massive crowd in the stadium and said "does anyone here have a f***ing screwdriver!?!" Classic Elton! Billy Joel never skipped a beat and kept the crowd entertained with one liners such as "wanna switch pianos?" and "hey, at least you know we're not on tape...this is an authentic rock 'n roll f*** up! you don't see many of these anymore!". Elton was scheduled to do his solo set first this evening, instead Billy played some filler music on his piano, then finally called out his band to play first while the piano was fixed. No one in the crowd really seemed to mind. The rest of the un-played duets were performed at the end of the evening in an extended duet set with both bands on stage. Elton apologized at the end of the concert for the "technical problems earlier in the evening", but the three and a half hour show was so good that it was the last thing on anyone's mind!
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