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Michael Jackson in Mumbai, India 1996

November 1, 1996: In Bombay, India, 85% of the proceeds from one concert were put aside for the 'Shiv Udyog Sena' to help create jobs for 270,000 young people in the state of Maharashtra. Viraf Sarkari said, "It was a charity show. Not even a penny was charged." Michael arrived in Mumbai on October 30th at Mumbai's Sahar airport, was greeted by Sonali Bendre clad in a nine-yard sari and a Maharashtrian nathni standing with an aarti thali to welcome MJ, along with Raj Thackeray, Sharmila Thackeray and innumerable politicians who were there to receive Jackson. Upon arriving in Bombay, Michael asks his driver to stop the motorcade transporting him from the airport to his hotel to allow him to spend 20 minutes talking with children playing in the crowded slums he must pass en route. He then spent a few minutes with them before he proceeded to the Shiv Sena chief, Bal Thackeray's residence. On January 25, 1997: Michael waved his personal fee for his Bombay appearance and donated $ 1.1 million to a local charity helping to educate children living in slums.
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