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Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor Ukulele Demo w/ Fuzz-Stang MkII

Just a fun little ditty with my new Cordoba 20TM-CE tenor ukulele! It's an acoustic-electric uke so you'll see I recorded one track acoustically with two microphones and then one track plugged in to an electric guitar amp. I took it one step further and did a "guitar solo" on the ukulele running it through a Wright Sounds Fuzz-Stang MkII fuzz pedal! I bought this instrument at but you can visit to see a list of dealers in your area. Special thanks to Matt at for the amazing Fuzz-Stang! Instruments used in this demo: 2013 Cordoba 20TM-CE tenor ukulele 1997 Fender P-Bass Special 1990 Tama Rockstar DX with Sabian and Zildjian cymbals 1974 Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier Recorded on Pro Tools 11 with Digi003 Rack interface. Microphones used were a vintage Electro-Voice 664A, an AKG c3000b and a Sennheiser e609. Video edited with Adobe Premier Elements. Original music ©2014 written by David W Curtis and performed by Deep Sea Soliloquy.
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