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'ONE' by Metallica - FULL INSTRUMENTAL COVER by Karl Golden

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Support me on Patreon - Join me on facebook - Twitter - Website - Backing Track - Main guitar Solo - Guitar solo lesson **WITH TABS** - Had many requests for this one and here it is! I stupidly recorded the outro 10bpm faster then original so it was really more of a challenge then it needed to be! haha I should have just re-recorded the rhythm!!! Made the tapping and end solo a lot of fun to learn (Not!!! hahaha) And yes that is a sock on the neck to dampen the sound of the strings! And yes it is clean!! Some really interesting harmonies going on throughout with the guitars that sound strange on there own but great when mixed together. Anyways hope you all enjoy! Please like, share, comment & enjoy! MY OTHER METALLICA COVERS Fade To Black - Enter Sandman - Nothing Else Matters - I Disappear - Sad But True - MY GEAR & INFO Guitar, Bass and drums played by Karl Golden Mixed, edited & filmed by Karl Golden Filmed on a Canon 600D Recorded on Logic Pro 9 Edited in Final Cut Pro X Electric Guitars - Gibson Gold Top Les Paul 2011 model & Fender Stratocaster 50th Anniversary Bass - Warrick Rock Bass Acoustic - Takamine G Series Midi drums LYRICS I Can't Remember Anything Can't Tell If this Is True or Dream Deep down Inside I Feel to Scream this Terrible Silence Stops Me Now That the War Is Through with Me I'm Waking up I Can Not See That There's Not Much Left of Me Nothing Is Real but Pain Now Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death Oh Please God,wake Me Back in the Womb its Much Too Real in Pumps Life That I must Feel but Can't Look Forward to Reveal Look to the Time When I'll Live Fed Through the Tube That Sticks in Me Just like a Wartime Novelty Tied to Machines That Make Me Be Cut this Life off from Me Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death Oh Please God,wake Me Now the World Is Gone I'm Just One Oh God,help Me Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death Oh Please God Help Me Darkness Imprisoning Me All That I See Absolute Horror I Cannot Live I Cannot Die Trapped in Myself Body My Holding Cell Landmine Has Taken My Sight Taken My Speech Taken My Hearing Taken My Arms Taken My Legs Taken My Soul Left Me with Life in Hell
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