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Shirsha - single (2013) - Hallelujah - (Cover)

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Hallelujah (recorded version), [Link] Shirsha singing Hallelujah "Live"! (Toronto 2013); ©Shirsha Follow me (FB) (IG) @shirshamusic (TW) @shirshamusic - This is a very famous composition among Leonard Cohen songs. It was made famous by K.D. Lang. According to a few music critics, this is one of the best versions of the song ever! They say this version does justice to bringing out the full expression in the lyrics of the song - - - - - - - DESCRIPTION: Shirsha (Singer): Dramatic Coloratura Soprano (B3-D6/F6); Rich, emotive, delicate, outstandingly precise! Rather "solid" instead of powerful voice. Inspirational music in both Western and India styles.
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