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U2 - Nights Of Innocence (i e Tour 2015 Best Moments) FULL CONCERT

To watch in the FULL HD eXPERIENCE: DOWNLOAD the DVD at The best moments of i+e Tour 2015! Project by and Darck Voux EDITED BY: M. Flores | Thanks to: Guilherme Silva, Bernardo Cardoso and Anselmo Lopes tRACKLIST: 1. The Miracle (Turin) 2. The Electric Co. (Amsterdam) 3. Gloria (Barcelona) 4. Two Hearts Beat As One (New York) 5. Mofo + Íris (Vancouver + Boston) 6. Cedarwood Road (Amsterdam) 7. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Dublin) 8. Raised by Wolves (Belfast) 9. Until the End of the Wolrd (Chicago) THE FLY (GLASGOW) 10. Invisible (Berlin) 11. Even Better (Dublin) 12. Zoo Station (Berlin) 13. Magnificent (Amsterdam) 14. The Sweetest Thing (Bono impersonator – Los Angeles) 15. Every Breaking Wave (Vancouver) 16. October (Barcelona) 17. Bullet the Blue Sky (Paris) 18. Zooropa + Where the Streets Have no Name (Paris + Montreal) 19. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Montreal) Encore - 20. Satellite of Love (New York) 21. All I Want (Paulo Lilla - New York) 22. With Or Without You (Toronto) Stephen Hawking - 23. City Of Blinding Lights (MANY CITIES) 24. Beautiful Day (MANY CITIES) 25. California (Vancouver) 26. Miracle Drug (Vancouver) 27. The Troubles (Los Angeles) 28. Bad + 40 (Glasgow)
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