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Vicious Rumors 2010 - Worlds and Machines (1988) On the Edge (1990) (@ The Rambler Eindhoven

Live gig @ The Rambler Eindhoven (Netherlands) at november 11th 2010 (Geoff's birthday!!!). Upclose and personal in a small bar (little bit awkward though, knowing they were playing bigger places once...). Last seen almost 20 years ago in 1994 (Dynamo) and on tour with Metal Church. Way to long ago. They are really great guys. No nonsense and nice to talk to. It couldn't be better. Well, they deserve a bigger stage. Hope their new album (Razorback Killer due out in March 2011 on SPV records as Geoff told us) gets them the attention they deserve!! Really looking forward to this album. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves (I know we did anyway). Seems to be a good vibe and a nice chemistry between them. Great musicians and nice guys. Hope this line-up will endure. Brian Allen - Vocals (Wild Dogs, Last Empire, Malice (USA)) Geoff Thorpe - Guitars (1980-) Kiyoshi Morgan - Guitars (2007-) Stephen Goodwin - Bass (2007-) (Aaron Pearson) Larry Howe - Drums (1986-1999, 2005-) (Chastain, Aaron Pearson)
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